Current Advisory Circulars by Number

AC Number Change Date Subject
AC 25-21 09/01/99 Certification of Transport Airplane Structure
AC 25-22 03/14/2000 Certification of Transport Airplane Mechanical Systems
AC 25-23 05/22/2000 Airworthiness Criteria for the Installation Approval of a Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) for Part 25 Airplanes
AC 25-24 08/02/2000 Sustained Engine Imbalance
AC 25.253-1A 12/27/76 High-Speed Characteristics
AC 25.335-1 10/20/97 Design Dive Speed
AC 25.491-1 10/20/2000 Taxi, Takeoff and Landing Roll Design Loads
AC 25.562-1A 01/19/96 Dynamic Evaluation of Seat Restraint Systems & Occupant Protection on Transport Airplanes
AC 25.571-1C 04/29/98 Damage Tolerance and Fatigue Evaluation of Structure
AC 25.613-1 08/06/2003 Material Strength Properties and Material Design Values
AC 25.629-1A 07/23/98 Aeroelastic Stability Substantiation of Transport Category Airplanes
AC 25.672-1 11/15/83 Active Flight Controls
AC 25.703-1 03/17/93 Takeoff Configuration Warning Systems
AC 25.723-1 05/25/2001 Shock Absorption Tests
AC 25.735-1 04/10/2002 Brakes and Braking Systems Certification Tests and Analysis
AC 25.773-1 01/08/93 Pilot Compartment View Design Considerations
AC 25.775-1 01/17/2003 Windows and Windshields
AC 25.783-1 12/10/86 Fuselage Doors, Hatches, and Exits
AC 25.785-1A 01/06/94 Flight Attendant Seat and Torso Restraint System Installations
AC 25.795-1 01/10/2002 Flightdeck Intrusion Resistance
AC 25.795-2 01/10/2002 Flightdeck Penetration Resistance
AC 25.803-1 09/03/90 Emergency Evaluation Demonstrations
AC 25.807-1 08/13/90 Uniform Distribution of Exits
AC 25.812-1A 05/22/89 Floor Proximity Emergency Escape Path Marking
AC 25.812-2 07/24/97 Floor Proximity Emergency Escape Path Marking Systems Incorporating Photoluminescent Elements
AC 25.853-1 09/17/86 Flammability Requirements for Aircraft Seat Cushions
AC 25.905-1 09/27/2000 Minimizing the Hazards from Propeller Blade and Hub Failures
AC 25.939-1 03/19/86 Evaluating Turbine Engine Operating Characteristics
AC 25.963-1 07/29/92 Fuel Tank Access Covers
AC 25.981-1B 04/18/2001 Fuel Tank Ignition Source Prevention Guidelines
AC 25.981-2 04/18/2001 Fuel Tank Flammability Minimization
AC 25.994-1 07/24/86 Design Considerations to Protect Fuel Systems during a Wheels-Up Landing
AC 25.1309-1A 06/21/88 System Design and Analysis
AC 25.1329-1A 07/08/68 Automatic Pilot Systems Approval
AC 25.1357-1 09/20/88 Circuit Protective Device Accessibility
AC 25.1419-1 08/18/99 Certification of Transport Category Airplanes for Flight in Icing Conditions
AC 25.1435-1 05/21/2001 Hydraulic System Certification Tests and Analysis
AC 25.1455-1 03/11/85 Waste Water/Potable Water Drain System Certification Testing
AC 25.1457-1A 11/03/69 Cockpit Voice Recorder Installations
AC 25.1523-1 02/02/93 Minimum Flightcrew
AC 25.1529-1 08/01/91 Instructions for Continued Airworthiness of Structural Repairs on Transport Airplanes
AC 25.1581-1 07/14/97 Airplane Flight Manual
AC 27-1B CHG to Para. 602 04/25/2003 [Change to paragraph 27.602, Critical Parts]
AC 27-1B 09/30/99 [Large AC] Certification of Normal Category Rotorcraft
AC 27-1B CHG 1 02/12/2003 Certification of Normal Category Rotorcraft
AC 29-1 CHG 1 12/26/63 Approval Basis for Automatic Stabilization Equipment (ASE) Installation in Rotorcraft
AC 29-2C CHG to Para. 547A 04/25/2003 [Change to paragraph 547A, Main Rotor & Tail Rotor Structure]
AC 29-2C CHG to Para. 602 04/25/2003 [Change to paragraph 29.602, Critical Parts]
AC 29-2C CHG to Para. 917 04/25/2003 [Change to paragraph 29.917, Design]
AC 29-2C 09/30/99 [Large AC] Certification of Transport Category Rotorcraft
AC 29-2C CHG 1 02/12/2003 Certification of Transport Category Rotorcraft
AC 33-1B 04/22/70 Turbine Engine Foreign Object Ingestion and Rotor Blade Containment Type Certification Procedures
AC 33-2B 06/30/93 Aircraft Engine Type Certification Handbook
AC 33-3 09/09/68 Turbine and Compressor Rotors Type Certification Substantiation Procedures
AC 33-4 07/28/83 Design Considerations Concerning the Use of Titanium in Aircraft Turbine Engines
AC 33-5 06/18/90 Turbine Engine Rotor Blade Containment/Durability
AC 33-6 12/20/94 Weld Repair of Aluminum Crankcases and Cylinders of Piston Engines
AC 33-83 02/14/97 Turbine Engine Vibration Survey
AC 33.4-1 08/27/99 Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
AC 33.4-2 03/08/2001 Instructions for Continued Airworthiness: In-Service Inspection of Safety Critical Turbine Engine Parts at Piece-Part Opportunity
AC 33.14-1 01/08/2001 Damage Tolerance for High Energy Turbine Engine Rotors
AC 33.15-1 09/22/98 Manufacturing Process of Premium Quality Titanium Alloy Rotating Engine Components
AC 33.17-1 06/28/2002 Fire Prevention
AC 33.28-1 06/29/2001 Compliance Criteria for 14 CFR 33.28, Aircraft Engines, Electrical and Electronic Engine Control Systems
AC 33.28-2 08/13/2003 Guidance Material for 14 CFR 33.28, Reciprocating Engine, Electrical and Electronic Engine Control Systems
AC 33.47-1 06/27/88 Detonation Testing in Reciprocating Aircraft Engines
AC 33.65-1 12/06/85 Surge and Stall Characteristics of Aircraft Turbine Engines
AC 33.74-92-1A 07/23/2003 Turbine Engine Continued Rotation and Rotor Locking
AC 33.76-1 01/19/2001 Bird Ingestion Certification Standards
AC 33.78-1 02/08/2000 Turbine Engine Power-Loss and Instability in Extreme Conditions of Rain and Hail
AC 33.74/92-1A 07/23/2003 Turbine Engine Continued Rotation and Rotor Locking
AC 35.37-1A 09/17/2001 Guidance Material for Fatigue Limit Tests and Composite Blade Fatigue Substantiation
AC 36-1G 08/27/97 [Large AC] Noise Levels for U.S. Certified and Foreign Aircraft
AC 36-2C 02/12/86 Measured or Estimated (Uncertificated) Airplane Noise Levels
AC 36-3G 04/02/96 Estimated Airplane Noise Levels in A-Weighted Decibels
AC 36-4B 03/23/88 Noise Certification Handbook
AC 39-1A 03/05/70 JIG Fixtures; Replacement of Wing Attach Angles and Doublers on Douglas DC-3 Series Aircraft, Airworthiness Directive 66-18-2
AC 39-6R 05/15/96 Announcement of Availability - Summary of Airworthiness Directives
AC 39-7C 11/16/95 Airworthiness Directives
AC 39-8 09/08/2003 Continued Airworthiness Assessments of Powerplant and Auxiliary Power Unit Installations of Transport Category Airplanes
AC 43-2B 10/16/80 Minimum Barometry for Calibration and Test of Atmospheric Pressure Instruments
AC 43-4A 07/25/91 [Large AC] Corrosion Control for Aircraft
AC 43-6B 08/14/2002 Altitude Reporting Equipment and Transponder System Maintenance and Inspection Practices
AC 43-7 09/24/74 Ultrasonic Testing for Aircraft
AC 43-9C 06/08/98 Maintenance Records
AC 43-10A 02/25/83 Mechanical Work Performed on U.S. and Canadian Registered Aircraft
AC 43-11 04/07/76 Reciprocating Engine Overhaul Terminology and Standards
AC 43-12A 10/28/83 Preventive Maintenance
AC 43-14 02/24/77 Maintenance of Weather Radar Radomes
AC 43-15 08/15/77 Recommended Guidelines for Instrument Shops
AC 43-16A 09/03/99 General Aviation Maintenance Alerts can be found at:
AC 43-17 09/05/79 Methods, Techniques, and Practices Acceptable to the Administrator Governing the Installation, Removal, or Change of Identification Data and Identification Plates
AC 43-203B 06/20/79 Altimeter and Static System Tests and Inspections
AC 43-205 09/25/98 Guidance for Selecting Chemical Agents and Processes for Depainting and General Cleaning of Aircraft and Aviation Products
AC 43-206 05/30/2001 Inspection, Prevention, Control, and Repair of Corrosion on Avionics Equipment
AC 43-207 12/26/2002 Correlation, Operation, Design, and Modification of Turbofan/Jet Engine Test Cells
AC 43-208 04/04/2003 Maintenance of Emergency Evacuations Systems for Aircraft Operating Under Part 121
AC 43.9-1E 05/21/87 Instructions for Completion of FAA Form 337 (OMB No. 2120-0020), Major Repair and Alteration (Airframe, Powerplant, Propeller, or Appliance)
AC 43.13-1B CHG 1 09/27/2001 [Large AC. This includes Change 1.] Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices - Aircraft Inspection and Repair
AC 43.13-2A 01/01/77 [Large AC] Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices - Aircraft Alterations
AC 45-2B 07/16/2003 Identification and Registration Marking
AC 45-3 11/06/85 Installation, Removal, or Change of Identification Data and Identification Plates on Aircraft
AC 60-4A 02/09/83 Pilot's Spatial Disorientation
AC 60-6B 09/25/80 Airplane Flight manuals (AFM), Approved Manual Materials, Markings, and Placards Airplanes
AC 60-11C 04/26/99 Test Aids and Materials that may be used by Airman Knowledge Testing Applicants
AC 60-22 12/13/91 Aeronautical Decision Making
AC 60-25D 06/09/2000 Reference Materials and Subject Matter Knowledge Codes for Airmen Knowledge Testing
AC 60-26B 06/08/2000 Announcement of Availability: Flight Standards Service Airman Training and Testing Information
AC 60-28 09/23/97 English Language Skill Standards Required by 14 CFR Parts 61, 63 and 65
AC 60-29 02/01/99 Renumbering of Airmen Training and Testing Publications
AC 61-9B 01/15/74 Pilot Transition Courses for Complex Single Engine and Light, Twin-Engine Airplanes
AC 61-12M 01/12/2000 Student Pilot Guide
AC 61-23C 01/01/97 [Large AC] Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
AC 61-27C 01/01/80 [Large AC] Instrument Flying Handbook
AC 61-47A 03/26/79 Use of Approach Slope Indicators for Pilot Training
AC 61-65D 09/20/99 Certification; Pilot and Flight Instructors and Ground Instructors
AC 61-67C 09/25/2000 Stall and Spin Awareness Training
AC 61-83E 11/19/2001 Nationally Scheduled Federal Aviation Administration Approved Industry - Conducted Flight Instructor Refresher Clinics
AC 61-84B 03/18/85 Role of Preflight Preparation
AC 61-89E 08/04/2000 Pilot Certificates: Aircraft Type Ratings
AC 61-91H 04/26/96 Pilot Proficiency Award Program
AC 61-94 07/31/84 Pilot Transition Course for Self Launching or Powered Sailplanes (Motorgliders)
AC 61-98A 03/26/91 Currency and Additional Qualification Requirements for Certificated Pilots
AC 61-103 05/23/89 Announcement of Availability: Industry-Developed Transition Training Guidelines for High Performance Aircraft
AC 61-107A 01/02/2003 Operations of Aircraft at Altitudes Above 25,000 feet MSL and/or Mach Numbers (Mmo) Greater than. 75
AC 61-111A 12/15/98 Instrument Rating Practical Test Standards (PTS) for Airplane, Helicopter, Power Lift
AC 61-118A 03/01/99 Announcement of Availability: FAA-S-8081-14, Private Pilot Practical Test Standards (Airplane)
AC 61-121 05/10/95 Announcement of Availability: FAA-S-8081-10A, Aircraft Dispatcher Practical Test Standards
AC 61-122C CHG 1 03/01/99 Announcement of Availability: FAA-S-8081-5C, Airline Transport Pilot and Aircraft Type Rating Practical Test Standards for Airplane - with Change 1
AC 61-123 03/05/96 Announcement of Availability: Practical Test Standards (Rotorcraft); FAA-S-8081-7A, FAA-S-8081-15, and FAA-S-8081-16
AC 61-124 05/15/96 Announcement of Availability: FAA-S-SOS 1-17, Private Pilot Practical Test Standards for Lighter-Than-Air (Balloon/Airship)
AC 61-125 04/30/97 Announcement of Availability: Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards: FAA-S-8081-18 and FAA-S-8081-12A
AC 61-126 05/12/97 Qualification and Approval of Personal Computer-Based Aviation Training Devices
AC 61-127 06/02/97 Announcement of Availability: FAA-S-8081-19, Recreational Pilot Powered Parachute Practical Test Standard
AC 61-128 CHG 1 04/05/99 Announcement of Availability: FAA-S-8081-6A, Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards for Airplane (Single-Engine and Multiengine) - with Change 1
AC 61-129 08/12/98 Announcement of Availability: FAA-S-8081-20, Airline Transport Pilot Aircraft Type Rating PTS for Helicopter
AC 61-130 07/19/99 Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards for Glider
AC 61-131 04/26/99 Annoucement of Availability: FAA-S-8081-22, Private Pilot Practical Test Standards for Gliders
AC 61-132 04/26/99 Announcement of Availability: FAA-S-8081-23, Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards for Glider
AC 61-134 04/01/2003 General Aviation Controlled Flight into Terrain Awareness
AC 63-2 03/01/99 Flight Engineer Practical Test Standards
AC 65-2D 01/30/87 Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics Certification Guide
AC 65-5B 07/25/88 Parachute Rigger Senior/Master Certification Guide
AC 65-9A 01/01/76 [Large AC] Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics General Handbook
AC 65-11B 04/17/87 Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics Certification Information
AC 65-12A 01/01/76 [Large AC] Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics Powerplant Handbook
AC 65-13X 09/09/2003 FAA Inspection Authorization Directory
AC 65-15A 01/01/76 [Large AC] Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics Airframe Handbook
AC 65-23A 07/22/87 Certification of Repairmen (Experimental Aircraft Builders)
AC 65-24 02/01/83 Certification of a Repairman (General)
AC 65-25B 08/26/99 Aviation Maintenance Technician Awards Program
AC 65-26B 07/02/98 Charles Taylor "Master Mechanic" Award
AC 65-30A 11/09/2001 Overview of the Aviation Maintenance Profession
AC 65-31A 04/25/2003 Training, Qualification, and Certification of Nondestructive Inspection (NDI) Personnel
AC 70-2E 11/29/95 Airspace Utilization Considerations in the Proposed Construction, Alteration, Activation & Deactivation of Airports
AC 70/7460-1K CHG 1 04/15/2000 Obstruction Marking and Lighting
AC 70/7460-2K 03/01/2000 Proposed Construction of Alteration of Objects That May Affect the Navigable Airspace
AC 73-2 06/11/79 IFR Helicopter Operations in the Northeast Corridor
AC 90-23F 02/20/2002 Aircraft Wake Turbulence
AC 90-34 02/27/68 Accidents Resulting from Wheelbarrowing in Tricycle Gear Equipped Aircraft
AC 90-42F 05/21/90 Traffic Advisory Practices at Airports without Operating Control Towers
AC 90-45A CHG 2 02/21/75 Approval of Area Navigation Systems for use in the U.S. National Airspace System
AC 90-48C 03/18/83 Pilots' Role in Collision Avoidance
AC 90-50D 04/09/92 Requirements for 760-Channel VHF Radio for Aeronautical Operations
AC 90-58C 04/07/75 VOR Course Errors Resulting from 50 kHz Channel Mis-Selection
AC 90-66A 08/26/93 Recommended Standards Traffic Patterns for Aeronautical Operations at Airports without Operating Control Towers
AC 90-67B 08/25/94 Light Signals from the Control Tower for Ground Vehicles, Equipment, and Personnel
AC 90-75 02/10/77 Strobe Light System Inspection
AC 90-79 07/14/80 Recommended Practices and Procedures for the Use of Electronic Long-Range Navigation
AC 90-80B 04/12/92 Approval of Offshore Standard Approach Procedures (OASP), Airborne Radar Approaches (ARA), and Helicopter En Route Descent Areas (HEDA)
AC 90-87 01/27/86 Helicopter Dynamic Rollover
AC 90-89A 05/24/95 Amateur-Built Aircraft and Ultralight Flight Testing Handbook
AC 90-91G 07/30/2003 North American Route Program (NRP)
AC 90-92 02/05/93 Guidelines for the Operational Use of Loran-C Navigation Systems Outside the U.S. NAS
AC 90-92 CHG 1 06/15/93 Guidelines for the Operational Use of Loran-C Navigation Systems Outside the U.S. NAS
AC 90-93A 11/15/99 Operating Procedures for Airport Traffic Control Towers (ATCT) that are not Operated by, or Under Contract with, the United States (Non-Federal)
AC 90-94 12/14/94 Guidelines for using Global Positioning System Equipment for IFR En Route and Terminal Operations and for Nonprecision Instrument Approaches in the U.S. National Airspace System
AC 90-95 02/07/95 Unanticipated Right Yaw in Helicopters
AC 90-96 03/20/98 Approval of U.S. Operators and Aircraft to Operate Under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in European Airspace Designated for Basic Area Navigation (BRNAV/RNP-5)
AC 90-97 10/19/2000 Use of Barometric Vertical Navigation (VNAV) for Instrument Approach Operations Using Decision Altitude
AC 90-98 02/28/2003 Simultaneous Closely Spaced Parallel Operations Airports Using Precision Runway Monitor Systems (PRM)
AC 91-6A 05/24/78 Water, Slush, and Snow on the Runway
AC 91-13C 07/24/97 Cold Weather Operation of Aircraft
AC 91-14D 04/09/79 Altimeter Setting Sources
AC 91-16 08/07/67 Category II Operations - General Aviation Airplanes
AC 91-22A 12/23/71 Altitude Alerting Devices/Systems
AC 91-26 07/02/69 Maintenance and Handling of Airdriven Gyroscopic Instruments
AC 91-32B 02/18/97 Safety in and Around Helicopters
AC 91-33A 07/18/84 Use of Alternate Grades of Aviation Gasoline for Grade 80/87, and Use of Automotive Gasoline
AC 91-35 03/28/72 Noise, Hearing Damage, and Fatigue in General Aviation Pilots
AC 91-36C 10/19/84 VFR Flight Near Noise-Sensitive Areas
AC 91-37A 01/08/74 Truth in Leasing
AC 91-38A 11/27/78 Large and Turbine-Powered Multiengine Airplanes, Part 91 Subpart D
AC 91-42D 03/03/83 Hazards of Rotating Propeller and Helicopter Rotor Blades
AC 91-43 06/26/75 Unreliable Airspeed Indications
AC 91-44A 12/12/80 Operational and Maintenance Practices for Emergency Locator Transmitters and Receivers
AC 91-45C 02/01/90 Waivers: Aviation Events
AC 91-46 02/04/77 Gyroscopic Instruments - Good Operating Practices
AC 91-48 06/29/77 Acrobatics-Precision Flying with a Purpose
AC 91-49 CHG 1 08/23/77 General Aviation Procedures for Flight in North Atlantic Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications Airspace