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Aviation Weather Contractions

about                   ABT            chance                     CHC
above                   ABV            change                     CHG
above clouds            ACLD           cirrus                     CI
above ground level      AGL            clear                      CLR
above sea level         ASL            clear or scattered clouds
abundant                ABNDT          and visibility>10 miles    CAVU
accompany               ACPY           cloud                      CLD
across                  ACRS           cloud top                  TOP
active                  ACTV           cold air mass              K AMS
adjacent                ADJ            cold front                 CDFNT
advance                 ADVN           cold front passage         CFP
advection               ADVCTN         complete                   CMPLT
advisory                ADVY           complex                    CMPLX
affect                  AFCT           condition                  COND
after                   AFT            considerable               CSDRBL
again                   AGN            continental air mass       C AMS
ahead                   AHD            continue/continuously      CONT
air mass                AMS            convective                 CNVTV
all quadrants           ALQDS          converge                   CNVG
aloft                   ALF            correction                 COR
along                   ALG            cover                      CVR
altocumulus             AC             cumulonimbus mamma         CBMAM
altocumulus castellanus ACCAS          cumulus                    CU
altostratus             AS             cumulus fractus            CUFRA
amend                   AMD            cyclogenesis               CYCLGN
amount                  AMT            cyclone                    CYC
anticyclone             ACYC
Arctic air mass         A AMS          deep                       DP
around                  ARND           deepening                  DPNG
arrival                 ARR            dense                      DNS
arrive                  ARR            depth                      DPTH
at or above             AOA            deteriorate                DTRT
at or below             AOB            develop                    DVLP
available               AVBL           dew point                  DWPT
                                       diffuse                    DFUS
backing                 BCKG           diminish                   DMSH
base of overcast        BOVC           direction                  DRCTN
become                  BCM            dissipate                  DSIPT
before                  BFR            dominant                   DMNT
begin                   BGN            downdrafts                 DWNDFTS
behind                  BHND           downslope                  DWNSLP
below                   BLO            downstream                 DNSTRM
better                  BTR            drift                      DRFT
between                 BTWN           duration                   DURN
beyond                  BYD            during                     DURG
blizzard                BLZD           dust                       D
blowing dust            BD
blowing sand            BN             east                       E
blowing snow            BS             eastbound                  EBND
border                  BDR            easterly                   ELY
boundary                BNDRY          eastern                    ERN
break                   BRK            eastward                   EWD
breaks in overcast      BINOVC         effect                     EFCT
brief                   BRF            elevation                  ELEV
broken                  BKN            elsewhere                  ELSW
build                   BLD            embedded                   EMBDD
buildup                 BLDUP          ending                     ENDG
                                       enhanced                   ENHNCD
ceiling                 CIG            entire                     ENTR
center                  CNTR           especially                 SPCLY
central                 CNTRL          except                     XCP
exclude                 EXCLD          jet stream                 JSTR
expect                  XPC
extend                  EXTD           knots                      KTS
extensive               EXTSV
extreme                 EXTRM

falling                 FLG            large                      LRG
farther                 FTHR           later                      LTR
feet                    FT             latitude                   LAT
flurry                  FLRY           level                      LVL
fog                     F              lift                       LFT
follow                  FLW            light                      LGT
foot                    FT             lightning                  LTNG
forecast                FCST           likely                     LKLY
forming                 FRMG           limited                    LTD
forward                 FWD            line                       LN
freeze                  FRZ            little                     LTL
freezing drizzle        ZL             little change              LTLCG
freezing rain           ZR             local(ly)                  LCL
frequent                FQT            long wave                  LGWV
from                    FM             low level wind shear       LLWS
front                   FNT            lower                      LWR
frontal passage         FROPA
frontal surface         FROSFC         mainly                     MNLY
frontogenesis           FNTGNS         maintain                   MAINT
frontolysis             FNTLYS         marginal                   MRGL
frost                   FRST           maximum                    MAX
frozen                  FRZN           mean sea level             MSL
further                 FTHR           merging                    MEGG
                                       message                    MSG
general                 GEN            meteorological             MET
gradient                GRAD           metropolitan               METRO
gradual                 GRDL           middle                     MID
greater                 GTR            mile                       MI
ground                  GND            miles per hour             MPH
ground fog              GF             millibars                  MB
gusts                   G              minimum                    MIN
gusty                   GSTY           minute                     MIN
                                       miscellaneous              MISC
hail                    A              missing                    MISG
heavy                   HVY            moderate                   MDT
high                    HI             modify                     MDFY
hour                    HR             moisture                   MSTR
however                 HWVR           morning                    MRNG
hundred                 HND            mostly                     MSTLY
hurricane               HURCN          mountain                   MTN
                                       move                       MOV

ice pellets             IP             narrow                     NRW
important               IMPT           Nat Met Center             NMC
improve                 IPV            Nat Svr Stm Fcst Center    NSSFC
impulse                 IMPL           National Weather Service   NWS
in the vicinity of      INVOF          nautical miles             NM
inch                    IN             near                       NR
increase                INCR           necessary                  NEC
indicate                INDC           negative                   NEG
inland                  INLD           neg vorticity advection    NVA
instability             INSTBY         next                       NXT
intense                 INTS           night                      NGT
intensify               INTSFY         nimbostratus               NS
intensity               INTST          no change                  NC
inversion               INVRN          none                       NIL
isolate                 ISOL           normal                     NML
north                   N              rapid                      RPD
northbound              NBND           reason                     RSN
northerly               NLY            recieve                    RCV
northern                NRN            recommend                  RCMD
northward               NWD            reference                  REF
northeast               NE             region                     RGN
northeasterly           NELY           relative                   RLTV
northeastern            NERN           relative humidity          RH
northeastward           NEWD           release                    RLS
northwest               NW             reliable                   RELBL
northwesterly           NWLY           remain                     RMN
northwestern            NWRN           replace                    RPLC
northwestward           NWRD           report                     RPRT
number                  NMBR           represent/representative   REP
numerous                NMRS           require                    RQR
                                       retard                     RTRD
obscure                 OBSC           return                     RTRN
occasional              OCNL           revise                     RVS
occluded front          OCFNT          ridge                      RDG
offshore                OFSHR          Rio Grande                 RIOGD
original                ORIG           rising                     RSG
other                   OTR            Rockies (mountains)        RCKY
otherwise (SFD only)    OTRW           rotating                   ROTG
outlook                 OTLK           route                      RTE
over                    OVR
overcast                OVC            satellite                  STLT
overnight               OVNGT          scattered                  SCT
overrun                 OVRN           sea level                  SL
                                       section                    SXN
Pacific                 PAC            several                    SVRL
Panhandle               PNHDL          severe                     SVR
partly                  PTLY           severe local storms        SELS
passage                 PSG            shallow                    SHLW
patchy                  PTCHY          shift                      SHFT
pattern                 PAT            short                      SHRT
period                  PD             shortwave                  SHRTWV
persist                 PRST           shower                     SHWR
portion                 PTN            significant                SGFNT
positive                POS            sleet                      SLT
pos. vot. advection     PVA            slight                     SLGT
possible                PSBL           slow                       SLO
precede                 PRECD          smoke                      K
precipitation           PCPN           snow                       S
predominant             PDMT           snow grains                SG
pressure                PRES           snow showers               SW
prevail                 PVL            snowfall                   SNWFL
primary                 PRIM           solid                      SLD
principal               PRIN           south                      S
probability             PRBLTY         southbound                 SBND
probable                PBL            southerly                  SLY
prognosis/prognostic    PROG           southern                   SRN
propagation             PROPA          southward                  SWD
provide                 PRVD           southeast                  SE
                                       southeasterly              SELY
quadrant                QUAD           southeastern               SERN
quarter                 QTR            southeastward              SEWD
quasistationary         QSTNRY         southwest                  SW
question                QN             southwesterly              SWLY
                                       southwestern               SWRN
radiosonde observation  RAOB           southwestward              SWWD
radius                  RDS            South Plains               SPLNS
ragged                  RGD            spread                     SPRD
rain                    R              sprinkle                   SPKL
rainshower              RW             squall line                SQLN
rainfall                RNFL           stability index            SX
stable                  STBL           widely                     WDLY
stationary              STNRY          widespread                 WDSPRD
storm                   STM            will                       WL
stratiform              STRFM          wind                       WND
stratocumulus           SC             wind shift                 WSHFT
stratus                 ST
stratus fractus         STFR           yesterday                  YDA
strong                  STG
subside                 SBSD
sufficient              SUF            SUFFIXES
surface                 SFC
synopsis                SYNS           able                       BL
synoptic                SYNOP          al                         L
system                  SYS            ally,erly,ly               LY
                                       ary,ery,ory                RY
temperature             TEMP           ance,ence                  NC
tendency                TNDCY          der                        DR
terrain                 TRRN           ed,ied                     D
thereafter              THRFTR         ening                      NG
thick                   THK            er,ier,or                  R
thin                    THN            ern                        RN
thousand                THSD           ically                     CLY
through                 THRU           ive                        V
throughout              THRUT          iest,est                   ST
thunderstorm            T              iness,ness                 NS
today                   TDA            ing                        G
tomorrow                TMW            ity                        TY
tonight                 TNGT           ment                       MT
toward                  TWD            ous                        US
towering cumulus        TCU            s,es,ies                   S
travel                  TVL            tion,ation                 N
tropical                TRPCL          ward                       WD
tropopause              TROP
trough                  TROF

unseasonable            UNSBL
unstable                UNSTBL
until                   TIL
upper                   UPR
upper winds             UWNDS
upslope                 UPSLP
upstream                UPSTRM
upward vertical vlcty   UVV

valley                  VLY
veer                    VR
velocity                VLCTY
vertical motion         VRT MOTN
vicinity                VCNTY
visability              VSBY
vorticity               VOT

warm                    WRM
warm front              WRMFNT
warm front passage      WFP
warning                 WRNG
wave                    WV
weak                    WK
weaken                  WKN
west                    W
westbound               WBND
westerly                WLY
western                 WRN

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