Current Advisory Circulars by Number


AC Number Change Date Subject
AC 00-6A 01/01/75 Aviation Weather For Pilots and Flight Operations Personnel
AC 00-7D 09/15/98 State and Regional Disaster Airlift (SARDA) Planning
AC 00-24B 01/20/83 Thunderstorms
AC 00-25 01/01/65 [Large AC] Forming and Operating a Flying Club
AC 00-30B 09/09/97 Atmospheric Turbulence Avoidance
AC 00-31A 09/20/82 [Large AC] United States (U.S.) National Aviation Standard for the Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Radio Range (VOR)/Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)/Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN) Systems
AC 00-34A 07/29/74 Aircraft Gound Handling and Servicing
AC 00-41B 10/10/89 FAA Quality Control System Certification Program
AC 00-44II 05/01/97 Status of Federal Aviation Regulations
AC 00-45E 12/01/99 Aviation Weather Services
AC 00-46D 02/26/97 Aviation Safety Reporting Program
AC 00-54 11/25/88 Pilot Windshear Guide
AC 00-55 01/19/94 Announcement of Availability: FAA Order 8130.21A, Procedures for Completion and Use of FAA Form 8130, Airworthiness Approval Tag
AC 00-56A 06/13/2002 Voluntary Industry Distributor Accreditation Program
AC 00-57 09/10/97 Hazardous Mountain Winds and Their Visual Indicators
AC 00-58 05/04/98 Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program
AC 00-59 11/13/98 Integrating Helicopter and Tiltrotor Assets into Disaster Relief Planning
AC 00-60 11/09/99 North American Free Trade Agreement and Specialty Air Services Operations
AC 00-61 07/24/2000 Event Planning Guide
AC 00-62 11/01/2002 Internet Communications of Aviation Weather and NOTAMS
AC 00.1-1 04/19/95 Government Aircraft Operations
AC 00.2-14 01/08/2003 Advisory Circular Checklist and Status of Other FAA Publications
AC 11-2A 07/26/84 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Distribution System
AC 13-1 12/28/95 Aviation Safety Inspector Work Site Access
AC 20-18A 03/16/66 Qualification Testing of Turbo-jet Engine Thrust Reversers
AC 20-24B 12/20/85 Qualification of Fuels
AC 20-27E 09/26/2001 Certification and Operation of Amateur-Built Aircraft
AC 20-27F 09/26/2003 Certification and Operation of Amateur-Built Aircraft
AC 20-29B 01/18/72 Use of Aircraft Fuel Anti-icing Additives
AC 20-30B 07/20/81 Aircraft Position Light and Anticollision Light Installations
AC 20-32B 11/24/72 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Contamination in Aircraft Detection and Prevention
AC 20-33B 05/01/75 Technical Information Regarding Civil Aeronautics Manuals 1, 3, 4a, 4b, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, and 14
AC 20-34D 08/08/80 Prevention of Retractable Landing Gear Failures
AC 20-35C 07/12/83 Tiedown Sense
AC 20-37D 08/15/89 Aircraft Metal Propeller Maintenance
AC 20-38A 02/08/66 Measurement of Cabin Interior Emergency Illumination in Transport Airplanes
AC 20-40 08/11/65 Placards for Battery-Excited Alternators Installed in Light Aircraft
AC 20-41A 04/05/77 Substitute Technical Standard Order (TSO) Aircraft Equipment
AC 20-42C 03/07/84 Hand Fire Extinguishers for Use in Aircraft
AC 20-43C 10/20/76 Aircraft Fuel Control
AC 20-44 09/03/65 Glass Fiber Fabric for Aircraft Covering
AC 20-45 09/17/65 Safetying of Turnbuckles on Civil Aircraft
AC 20-47 02/08/66 Exterior Colored Band around Exits on Transport Airplanes
AC 20-48 05/05/66 Practice Guide for Decontaminating Aircraft
AC 20-52 CHG 1 08/24/67 Maintenance Inspection Notes for Douglas DC 6/7 Series Aircraft
AC 20-53A 04/12/85 Protection of Aircraft Fuel Systems Against Fuel Vapor Ignition Due to Lightning
AC 20-56A 04/01/75 Marking of TSO-C72b Individual Flotation Devices
AC 20-57A 01/12/71 Automatic Landing Systems (ALS)
AC 20-59 CHG 1 08/24/72 Maintenance Inspection Notes for Convair Models 240 and 600/240D; Models 340/440 and 640/340D/440D Series Aircraft
AC 20-60 07/18/68 Accessibility to Excess Emergency Exits
AC 20-62D 05/24/96 Eligibility, Quality, & Identification of Aeronautical Replacement Parts
AC 20-64 08/01/69 [Large AC] Maintenance Inspection Notes for Lockheed L-188 Series Aircraft
AC 20-65 08/11/69 U.S. Airworthiness Certificates and Authorizations for Operation of Domestic and Foreign Aircraft
AC 20-66A 09/17/2001 Vibration and Fatigue Evaluation of Airplane Propellers
AC 20-67B 01/16/86 Airborne VHF Communication Equipment Installations
AC 20-68B 08/08/80 Recommended Radiation Safety Precautions for Ground Operation of Airborne Weather Radar
AC 20-69 05/14/70 Conspicuity of Aircraft Instrument Malfunction Indicators
AC 20-71 12/08/70 Dual Locking Devices on Fasteners
AC 20-73 04/21/71 Aircraft Ice Protection
AC 20-74 07/29/71 Aircraft Position and Anticollision Light Measurements
AC 20-76 10/21/71 Maintenance Inspection Notes for Boeing
AC 20-77 03/22/72 Use of Manufacturers' Maintenance Manuals
AC 20-78 07/11/72 Maintenance Inspection Notes for McDonnell Douglas DC-8 Series Aircraft
AC 20-82 12/12/72 Maintenance Inspection Notes for Fairchild Hiller F-27/FH-227 Series Aircraft
AC 20-83 01/17/73 Maintenance Inspection Notes for Boeing B-737 Series Aircraft (Includes Changes 1 and 2)
AC 20-84 CHG 2 01/31/75 Maintenance Inspection Notes for Boeing B-727 Series Aircraft
AC 20-88A 09/30/85 Guidelines on the Marking of Aircraft
AC 20-94 03/04/76 Digital Clock Installation in Aircraft
AC 20-96 12/02/76 Surplus Military Aircraft: A Briefing for Prospective Buyers
AC 20-97A 05/13/87 High-Speed Tire Maintenance and Operational Practices
AC 20-99 05/27/77 Antiskid and Associated Systems
AC 20-100 09/21/77 General Guidelines for Measuring Fire-Extinguishing Agent Concentrations in Powerplant Compartments
AC 20-101C 09/12/88 Airworthiness Approval of Omega/VLF Navigation Systems for use in the U.S. National Airspace System (NAS) and Alaska
AC 20-103 03/07/78 Aircraft Engine Crankshaft Failure
AC 20-104 07/19/78 Revised Powerplant Engineering Report No. 3A Standard Fire Test Apparatus and Procedure (for Flexible Hose Assemblies)
AC 20-105B 06/15/98 Reciprocating Engine Power-Loss Accident Prevention and Trend Monitoring
AC 20-106 04/01/78 Aircraft Inspection for the General Aviation Aircraft Owner
AC 20-107A 04/25/84 Composite Aircraft Structure
AC 20-109A 04/08/93 Service Difficulty Program (General Aviation)
AC 20-110L 10/10/2000 Index of Aviation Technical Standard Orders
AC 20-111 10/10/80 Communication Interference Caused by Unintentional Keyed Microphones
AC 20-112 02/19/81 Airworthiness and Operational Approval of Airborne Systems to be used in Lieu of a Ground Proximity Warning System(s) (GPWS)
AC 20-113 10/22/81 Pilot Precautions and Procedures to be taken in Preventing Aircraft Reciprocating Engine Induction System and Fuel System Icing Problems
AC 20-114 10/22/81 Manufacturers' Service Documents
AC 20-115B 01/11/93 Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautic, Inc. Document RTCA/DO-178B
AC 20-116 09/17/82 Marking Aircraft Fuel Filler Openings with Color Coded Decals
AC 20-117 12/03/82 Hazards Following Ground Deicing and Ground Operations in Conditions Conducive to Aircraft Icing
AC 20-118A 03/09/87 Emergency Evacuation Demonstration
AC 20-119 02/07/83 Fuel Drain Valves
AC 20-120 06/18/84 Nondirectional Beacon Frequency Congestion
AC 20-121A 08/24/88 Airworthiness Approval of Loran-C Navigation Systems for use in the U.S. National & Airspace System (NAS) and Alaska
AC 20-122A 01/29/91 Anti-misfueling Devices: Their Availability and Use
AC 20-123 12/20/84 Avoiding or Minimizing Encounters with Aircraft Equipped with Depleted Uranium Balance Weights during Accident Investigations
AC 20-124 09/30/85 Water Ingestion Testing for Turbine Powered Airplanes
AC 20-125 08/12/97 Water in Aviation Fuels
AC 20-126G 06/11/96 Aircraft Certification Service Field Office Listing
AC 20-127 07/08/87 Use of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Class H11 Bolts
AC 20-128A 03/25/97 Design Considerations for Minimizing Hazards caused by Uncontained Turbine Engine and Auxiliary Power Unit Rotor Failure
AC 20-129 09/12/88 Airworthiness Approval of Vertical Navigation (VNAV) Systems for use in the U.S. National Airspace System (NAS) and Alaska
AC 20-130A 06/14/95 Airworthiness Approval of Navigation or Flight Management Systems Integrating Multiple Navigation Sensors
AC 20-131A 03/29/93 Airworthiness Approval of Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS II) and Mode S Transponders
AC 20-132 12/21/88 Public Aircraft
AC 20-133 03/22/89 Cockpit Noise and Speech Interference Between Crewmember
AC 20-134 02/14/90 Test Procedures for Maximum Allowable Airspeed Indicators
AC 20-135 02/06/90 Powerplant Installation and Propulsion System Component Fire Protection Test Methods, Standards and Criteria
AC 20-136 03/05/90 Protection of Aircraft Electrical/Electronic Systems against the Indirect Effects of Lightning
AC 20-138 05/25/94 Airworthiness Approval of Global Positioning System (GPS) Navigation Equipment for use as a VFR and IFR Supplemental Navigation System
AC 20-139 04/03/96 Commercial Assistance During Construction of Amateur-Built Aircraft
AC 20-140 08/16/99 Guidelines for Design Approval of Aircraft Data Communications Systems
AC 20-141 10/05/99 Airworthiness and Operational Approval of Digital Flight Data Recorder Systems
AC 20-142 02/25/2000 Eligibility and Evaluation of U.S. Military Surplus Flight Safety Aircraft Parts, Engines, and Propellers
AC 20-143 06/06/2000 Installation, Inspection, and Maintenance of Controls for General Aviation Reciprocating Aircraft Engines
AC 20-144 09/22/2000 Recommended Method for FAA approval of Aircraft Fire Extinguishing System Components
AC 20-145 02/25/2003 Guidance for Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) that Implement TSO-C153 Authorized Hardware Elements
AC 20-146 05/19/2003 Methodology for Dynamic Seat Certification by Analysis for Use in Part 23, 25, 27, and 29 Airplanes and Rotorcraft
AC 21-1B 05/10/76 Production Certificates
AC 21-2J 06/27/2000 Export Airworthiness Approval Procedures
AC 21-4B 07/30/69 Special Flight Permits for Operation of Overweight Aircraft
AC 21-6A 07/01/82 Production Under Type Certificate Only
AC 21-9A 05/26/82 Manufacturers Reporting Failures, Malfunctions, or Defects
AC 21-10A 04/19/83 Flight Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder Underwater Locating Devices
AC 21-12B 11/06/2001 Application for U.S. Airworthiness Certificate, FAA Form 8130-6
AC 21-13 04/05/73 Standard Airworthiness Certification of Surplus Military Aircraft and Aircraft Built from Spare and Surplus Parts
AC 21-15L 04/14/99 Announcement of Availability - Aircraft, Aircraft Engines, and Propeller Type Certificate Data Sheets and Specifications
AC 21-16D 07/21/98 RTCA Document DO-160D
AC 21-17 05/31/82 Carriage of Cargo in Restricted Category Aircraft and Other Special Purpose Operations
AC 21-18 08/20/82 [Large AC] Bilateral Airworthiness Agreements
AC 21-19 04/26/82 Installation of Used Engines in New Production Aircraft
AC 21-19A 07/02/2003 Installation of Used Aircraft Engines in New Production Aircraft
AC 21-20B 04/22/96 Supplier Surveillance Procedures
AC 21-21 08/24/84 Use of Automobile Gasoline in Agricultural Aircraft
AC 21-22 06/20/85 Injury Criteria for Human Exposure to Impact
AC 21-23A 10/20/2000 Airworthiness Certification of Civil Aircraft, Engines, Propellers, and Related Products Imported to the United States
AC 21-24 04/14/89 Extending a Production Certificate to a Facility Located in a Bilateral Airworthiness Agreement Country
AC 21-25A 06/03/97 Approval of Modified Seats and Berths
AC 21-26 06/26/89 Quality Control for the Manufacture of Composite Structures (Consolidated reprint includes Change 1)
AC 21-27 07/14/89 Production Certification Multinational/Multicorporate Consortia
AC 21-28 06/20/90 Airworthiness Certification of U.S.-Produced Aircraft and Engine Kits Assembled Outside the United States
AC 21-29B CHG 1 03/13/2000 Detecting and Reporting Suspected Unapproved Parts (Incorporates Change 1)
AC 21-29B CHG 2 06/01/2001 Detecting and Reporting Suspected Unapproved Parts
AC 21-31 11/15/91 Quality Control for the Manufacture of Non-Metallic Compartment Interior Components
AC 21-32A 03/19/96 Control of Products and Parts Shipped Prior to Type Certificate Issuance
AC 21-33 02/03/93 Quality Assurance of Software used in Aircraft of Related Products
AC 21-34 06/04/93 Shoulder Harness-Safety Belt Installations
AC 21-35 06/04/93 Computer Generated/Stored Records
AC 21-36 08/11/93 Quality Assurance Controls for Product Acceptance Software
AC 21-37 06/14/94 Primary Category Aircraft
AC 21-40 05/06/98 Application Guide for Obtaining a Supplemental Type Certificate
AC 21-41A 06/20/2003 Replacing MIL-S-8879C With SAE AS8879
AC 21.17-1A CHG 1 09/25/92 Type Certification-Airships
AC 21.17-2A 02/10/93 Type Certification-Fixed Wing Gliders (Sailplanes), Including Powered Gliders
AC 21.17-3 12/21/92 Type Certification of Very Light Airplanes Under FAR 21.17(b)
AC 21.25-1 12/01/97 Issuance of Type Certificate: Restricted Category Agricultural Airplanes
AC 21.101-1 CHG 1 04/28/2003 Establishing the Certification Basis of Changed Aeronautical Products
AC 21.303-2H 10/13/92 Parts Manufacturer Approvals - 1992 (Microfiche)
AC 23-2 08/20/84 Flammability Tests
AC 23-3 08/29/85 Structural Substantiation of Secondary Structures
AC 23-4 06/20/86 Static Strength Substantiation of Attachment Points for Occupant Restraint System Installations
AC 23-5 08/06/86 Cutouts in a Modified Fuselage of Small Airplanes
AC 23-6 02/17/87 Interpretation of Failure for Static Structural Test Programs
AC 23-7 07/01/87 Substantiation for an Increase in Maximum Weight, Maximum Landing Weight, or Maximum Zero Fuel Weight
AC 23-8B 08/14/2003 Flight Test Guide for Certification of Part 23 Airplanes
AC 23-9 01/27/88 [Large AC] Evaluation of Flight Loads on Small Airlpanes with T, V, +, or Y Empennage Configurations
AC 23-10 08/05/91 Auxiliary Fuel Systems for Reciprocating and Turbine Powered Part 23 Airplanes
AC 23-11A 07/14/2003 14 CFR Part 23 Type Certification of an Airplane Originally Certificated to Joint Aviation Regulations - Very Light Airplane (JAR-VLA) Standards
AC 23-12 01/27/93 Structural Substantiation of Part 23 Airplane Modifications Involving Increased Engine Power
AC 23-13 04/15/93 Fatigue and Fail-Safe Evaluation of Flight Structure and Pressurized Cabin for Part 23 Airplanes
AC 23-14 09/30/93 Type Certification Basis for Conversion from Reciprocating Engine to Turbine-Powered Part 23 Airplanes
AC 23-15 01/02/97 Small Airplane Certification Compliance Program
AC 23-16 09/21/99 Powerplant Guide for Certification of Part 23 Airplanes
AC 23-17A 06/27/2002 Systems and Equipment Guide for Certification of Part 23 Airplanes
AC 23-18 06/14/2000 Installation of Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) Approved for Part 23 Airplanes
AC 23-19 01/27/2003 Airframe Guide for Certification of Part 23 Airplanes
AC 23-20 09/19/2003 Acceptance Guidance on Material Procurement and Process Specifications for Polymer Matrix Composite Systems
AC 23.143-1 12/20/2001 Ice Contaminated Tailplane Stall (ICTS)
AC 23.562-1 06/22/89 Dynamic Testing of Part 23 Airplane Seat/Restraint Systems and Occupant Protection
AC 23.607-1 08/24/84 Self-Locking Nuts on Bolts Subject to Rotation
AC 23.629-1A 10/23/85 Means of Compliance with Section 23.629, "Flutter"
AC 23.1309-1C 03/12/99 Equipment, Systems, and Installations in Part 23 Airplanes
AC 23.1311-1A 03/13/99 Installation of Electronic Displays in Part 23 Airplanes
AC 23.1419-2B 09/26/2002 Certification of Part 23 Airplanes for Flight in Icing Conditions
AC 23.1521-1B 03/02/95 Type Certification of Automobile Gasoline in Part 23 Airplanes with Reciprocating Engines
AC 23.1521-2 CHG 1 04/24/96 Type Certification of Oxygenates and Oxygenated Gasoline Fuels in Part 23 Airplanes with Reciprocating Engines
AC 25-4 02/18/66 Inertial Navigation System (INS)
AC 25-5 06/03/70 Installation Approval on Transport Category Airplanes of Cargo Unit Load Devices Approved as Meeting the Criteria in NAS 3610
AC 25-7A 03/31/98 Flight Test Guide for Certification of Transport Category Airplanes
AC 25-7A CHG 1 06/03/99 Flight Test Guide for Certification for Transport Category Airplanes
AC 25-8 05/02/86 Auxiliary Fuel Systems Installations
AC 25-9A 01/06/94 Smoke Detection, Penetration, and Evacuation Tests and Related Flight Manual Emergency Procedures
AC 25-10 03/06/87 Guidance for Installation of Miscellaneous, Nonrequired Electrical Equipment
AC 25-11 07/16/87 Transport Category Airplane Electronic Display Systems
AC 25-12 11/02/87 Airworthiness Criteria for the Approval of Airborne Windshear Warning Systems in Transport Category
AC 25-13 05/04/88 Reduced and Derated Takeoff Thrust (Power) Procedures
AC 25-15 11/20/89 Approval of Flight Management Systems in Transport Category Airplanes
AC 25-16 09/25/87 Electrical Fault and Fire Prevention and Protection
AC 25-17 07/15/91 [Large AC] Transport Airplane Cabin Interiors Crashworthiness Handbook
AC 25-18 01/06/94 Transport Category Airplanes Modified for Cargo Service
AC 25-19 11/28/94 Certification Maintenance Requirements
AC 25-20 09/10/96 Pressurization, Ventilation and Oxygen Systems Assessment for Subsonic Flight including High Altitude Operation
AC 25-21 09/01/99 Certification of Transport Airplane Structure