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About The Aircraft Review Program


[Falcon 2000] [Gulfstream GIV] [Gulfstream GV]

The aircraft review program was designed to assist pilots with self-study when learning a new aircraft or returning for recurrent training. The current Falcon 2000 program will ask the user about 50 limitation questions. The program will return the correct answer if you are incorrect and keep track of you score. In addition to limitations, you can also choose drills on annunciator lights and emergency memory items required for type rating. Great learning tool!

The GV and GIV program are currently being developed.

Some older versions of Win95 may be missing the required MSVBVM60.DLL file. Download the file and copy it to your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder. If you are running Win95 ver 2 or Win98 or later you won't need this file. The bottom line, if the program works, you don't need it. If you get an error "Missing required dll file" then download it!

I'm currently working on the Gulfstream GIV and GV aircraft and will post them here when available. If you would like your specific aircraft here then drop me a note and I'll be happy to customize something for you and your company.

Please email any program or typographical errors to me. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Happy Landings.

Bob Sell
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