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October 26, 2002  


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Dates to Watch

OCTOBER 25, 2002. CHINA AND UNITED STATES. Chinese President Jiang Zemin visits Pres. George W. Bush at the latter's ranch in Crawford, Texas.
OCTOBER 26, 2002. FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA. Kosovo local elections.
OCTOBER 26, 2002. ITALY, SPAIN, UNITED KINGDOM, AND THE UNITED STATES. Internationally Coordinated Day of Mass Action to stop the war in Iraq before it happens: Rome, Madrid, London, San Francisco and Washington D.C. Specifically, a National March on Washington D.C. has been located on several well known protest websites. SOURCE: http://www.iacenter.org/
OCTOBER 26, 2002. MEXICO. The 10th annual meeting of APEC [Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation] economic leaders takes place in Los Cabos, Baja California State. The meeting will last for two days. SOURCE: APEC website
OCTOBER 27, 2002. POLAND. Local elections.
OCTOBER 29, 2002. UNITED KINGDOM. Firefighters' leaders in the UK are meeting to discuss strike action due to be launched next week, following a bitter clash over pay with the government. The strikes are due to start next Tuesday and run until Christmas Eve, for a total of 36 days. The RISC staff will advise if this strike date changes. SOURCE: CNN
NOVEMBER 03, 2002. TURKEY. Early elections. The Islamic Justice & Development Party (AKP) currently tops most opinion polls; however, Turkey's chief prosecutor petitioned the nation's top court to close the party after Recep Tayyip Erdogan, party leader, refused to step down. The prosecutor claims that he is ineligible to lead the party due to a past criminal conviction.
NOVEMBER 06, 2002. ITALY. The European No Global Forum will meet in Florence from November 6th through the 10th of this year. City planners continue to meet with event organizers to plan for eventualities, but at the moment there is little clarity on how this event will impact Florence. Demonstrations have been scheduled, and some Florentine businesses have indicated that they will be closed and shuttered for the duration of the event. As more information comes to light, OSAC will address them through the appropriate venues.
NOVEMBER 06, 2002. MUSLIM WORLD. The Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan begings. It will last until 5 December 2002.
NOVEMBER 08, 2002. CHINA. The 16th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] opens in Beijing. The event occurs every five years. Major leadership changes in the party should be announced.
NOVEMBER 13, 2002. NEPAL. National elections. Maoists have demanded a constituent assembly. Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba said that the state of emergency would be lifted during the elections. SOURCE: Nepalnews
NOVEMBER 21, 2002. CZECH REPUBLIC. NATO meetings to be held in Prague.
NOVEMBER 21, 2002. CZECH REPUBLIC. NATO Summit: On November 21-22, 2002, the leaders of 19 member nations of NATO will meet in Prague, Czech Republic. NATO will address the security challenges of the 21st
DECEMBER 06, 2002. SLOVAKIA. Local elections run until 7 December.
DECEMBER 19, 2002. SOUTH KOREA. Presidential elections. Pres. Kim Dae Jung cannot succeed himself. The principal competing parties are the Millenium Democratic Party (MDP) and the Grand National Party (GNP). Lee Hoi Chang of Grand National Party is the frontrunner.
DECEMBER 22, 2002. MONTENEGRO. Presidential elections.

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