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January 2, 2003


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Travel warnings have been issued or updated for the following countries:

Israel, the West Bank and Gaza

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Requested Cities

The following cities have been added to Gofir.com:

Catania, Italy
Valletta, Malta
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Kathmandu, Nepal
Belize City, Belize
Bangkok, Thailand

Jakarta, Indonesia
Sacramento, CA/USA
Doha, Qatar
Charleston, SC/USA

ALL cities and airports listed on Gofir.com have been requested by our users. Please request cities with airports that have at least 5000 feet of runway or 1500 meters.

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Dates to Watch

January 3, 1989. INDIA. Kashmiri Separatist Campaign
Moslem Kashmiri militants began their campaign for independence from India.

January 4, 1948. BURMA. Independence Day
The various groups and regions within British Burma joined together and proclaimed the union of Burma as an independent republic outside of the British common wealth.

January 5, 1956. LAOS. Lao Patriotic Front Founded
The Lao patriotic front (LPF) was established by the Pathet Lao (communist Lao faction) under the tutelage of Vietnamese communists.

January 5, 2003. LITHUANIA. Presidential Election Run-off
The presidential election run-off will be held in Lithuania.

January 6, 1963. COLOMBIA. Eln Begins Its Insurgency
The National Liberation Army (ELN), a leftist guerrilla organization that has frequently targeted American interests in the energy sector.

January 6, 1989. INDIA. Indira Gandhi Assassins Hanged
Two of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's Sikh bodyguards were hanged for her assassination on October 31 1984.

January 7, 2000. EGYPT. Coptic Christian Christmas
Coptic Christians in Egypt will celebrate Christmas on January 7th of each year. Copts celebrate seven major holy feasts and seven minor holy feasts. Christmas (The Nativity of Christ) is considered one of the major feasts and is preceded by a fast of 43 days. Members of the Coptic Church attend masses as part of the celebration.

January 7, 1949. ISRAEL. First Arab-Israeli War Ends
A ceasefire was signed by the major combatants ending the first Arab-Israeli war.

January 8, 1959. CUBA. Fidel Castro Takes Power
President Fulgencio Batista flew to exile in the Dominican Republic and Castro marched into the capital, Havana, on this date to take power.

January 8, 1992. GREECE. Pan Am Bomber Convicted
On January 8, 1992, a Greek court convicted Palestinian terrorist Mohammad Rashid of premeditated murder for planting a bomb on a Pan American aircraft in August 1982. The bomb exploded as the plane was about to land at Honolulu, Hawaii, killing one person and injuring several others. Rashid was arrested in Greece in May 1988 as a result of a tip from the United States.

January 8, 2012. SOUTH AFRICA. Founding Of The Sanc
The South African National Congress (SANC), forerunner of the African National Congress (ANC), was formed to fight for black political rights.

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