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Your #1 Travel Resource for Aviation Professionals February 4, 2002  


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Airport Information Debrief (AID)

Temporary Flight Restriction

Requested Cities

Aviation and Regional Headline News

Dates to Watch


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   Greetings Friend!
We are dedicated to providing our visitors with the highest quality web-content for aviation professionals. We are constantly adding content to our site making it your #1 aviation resource. Thanks for your support.

  • Airport Information Debrief (AID)
   We are adding a new feature called AID (Airport Information Debrief) and need your help. Used by pilots for general airport information, AID provides local knowledge that only you or someone familiar with your airport can provide. Please take a moment and answer a few questions about your airport by filling out the online form. If the requested information is not readily available to you then please pass this on to someone you feel is qualified to help us. Pilots, Flight Instructors, Airport Managers, and ATC Personnel are excellent sources of information. Making airports safer worldwide is our #1 mission here. Thanks in advance for helping us help the global flying community.

Airport Information Debrief (AID)

  • Temporary Flight Restriction
   NOTAMS: Temporary Flight Restriction since September 11, 2001. Latest update was January 30, 2002.


  • Requested Cities
   Requested by our users, the following cities have been added to Gofir.com! ***Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo***Reynosa, Mexico***Queretaro, Mexico***Ciudad Victoria, Mexico***Luxembourg, Luxembourg***Aarhus, Denmark***Alborg, Denmark***Billund, Denmark***Karup, Denmark***Sonderborg,Denmark***Stauning,Denmark* **Vojens,Denmark***[Alesund] [Alta] [Andoya] [Bardufoss] [Bergen] [Bodo] [Fagernes] [Farsund] [Geilo][Harstad] [Haugesund] [Kirkenes] [Kjeller] [Kristiansand] [Kristiansund] [Lakselv] [Notodden] [Roros] [Rygge] [Sandefjord] [Skien] [Stavanger] [Svalbard ] [Trondheim] all Norway. ********** ALL cities and airports listed on Gofir.com have been requested by our users. Please request your city if it's not listed. Minimum runway length to be listed: 5000Ft. or 1500 meters.


  • Aviation and Regional Headline News
   Do you need the latest Aviation News? How about the region of the world you are traveling to? Look no further than Gofir.com. We have teamed up with Interest!ALERT to provide Aviation and Regional News on our site!

Aviation and Regional Headline News

  • Dates to Watch
   ****FEBRUARY 03, 2002. CAMBODIA. Communal elections to be held. ****FEBRUARY 03, 2002. COSTA RICA. Parliamentary and presidential elections. The three principal presidential contenders are Rolando Araya of the PLN (National Liberation Party); Abel Pacheco of the PUSC (Social Christian Unity Party); and Otton Solis of the PAC (Citizens Action Party). No candidate is expected to win a majority, and a runoff election may be necessary. ****FEBRUARY 04, 2002. SOUTH KOREA. The first day in a series of strikes called by the employees of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corp. The events are to protest the cancellation of a wage hike, a reduction in paid annual leave, and corporate restructuring and to support the reinstatement of union members. The first round of strikes will be Feb 4-5; the second Feb 15-20; the third Feb 27-Mar 4; the fourth Mar 12-17. ****FEBRUARY 05, 2002. INDONESIA. Formal peace talks begin in Malino, Sulawesi, between government representatives and Christian and Muslim leaders. The talks, which will last until Feb 7, represent an effort to resolve religious and inter-communal violence in Maluku and Sulawesi. ****FEBRUARY 08, 2002. UNITED STATES. Winter Olympic Games open in Salt Lake City, Utah. Games will last 17 days, and close on Feb 24. ****FEBRUARY 13, 2002. INDIA. State assembly election for 117 seats in India's prosperous state of Punjab. Incumbent Akali Dal and BJP face strong opposition from Congress Party. ****FEBRUARY 14, 2002. INDIA. First round of state assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous state. Incumbent Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will be contesting seats with its rival, the Samajwadi Party. Subsequent rounds of voting will be on Feb 18 and 21. ****FEBRUARY 14, 2002. INDIA. State assembly elections in Uttaranchal, Indian states in foothills of Himalayas. BJP should win. ****FEBRUARY 17, 2002. MEXICO. APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) SOM I meets in Mexico City. The meeting will last until February 28. ****FEBRUARY 21, 2002. CHINA. Pres. George W. Bush begins his trip to China. ****FEBRUARY 21, 2002. THAILAND. ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) foreign ministers meet in Bangkok. FEBRUARY 23, 2002. WORLDWIDE. Eid-ul Adha, Muslim Festival of Sacrifice. ****FEBRUARY 24, 2002. SRI LANKA. Ceasefire elapses between Sri Lankan government and insurgent Tamil Tigers. ****FEBRUARY 25, 2002. LAOS. Parliamentary elections to be held. ****FEBRUARY 26, 2002. SINGAPORE. The Asian Aerospace exhibit and conference opens. The event will last until March 3. ****MARCH 02, 2002. THAILAND. By-elections to be held in 13 provinces to replace parliamentarians removed from their positions because of electoral law violations. ****MARCH 09, 2002. ZIMBABWE. Presidential elections ****MARCH 15, 2002. WORLDWIDE. Muharram-Islamic new year (1423 year of the Hegira). ****MARCH 17, 2002. COLOMBIA. Legislative elections take place. ****MARCH 18, 2002. MEXICO. The International Conference on Financing for Development opens in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. 40 heads of state, including Pres. George W. Bush are expected to attend. The conference will last until March 22.

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