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Your #1 Resource for
Aviation Professionals

November 2004

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We are dedicated to providing our visitors with the highest quality web-content for aviation professionals. We are constantly adding content to our site making it your #1 aviation resource.


Our "Aviation Resume System" maintains a database of Corporate Pilots, Flight Attendants and others seeking full time or temporary aviation employment.

Flight Crewmembers have the flexibility and freedom to create and manage their own online resume right from the web browser. Our Aviation Resume System is specifically designed for Professional Flight Crews. Targeted marketing, combined with several thousand visitors per day, give the resume posters the greatest advantage to land the perfect aviation career. Corporate Flight Departments will love the powerful and flexible search tools used to find aviation personnel to meet their needs.


  • Allows visitors to look at your resume 24 hours a day.
  • Easy to keep your resume updated -- no HTML coding required to add, delete, or modify listings.
  • Built-in image manager -- upload your photo via your web browser.
  • Automatically thumbnails -- smaller versions of your images are automatically created.
  • Secure -- no one but you can change your resume.
  • Viral Marketing -- visitors can email your resume right from your listing.
  • Flexible search -- browse properties according to multiple search criteria.
  • Your resume stays active until you remove it.

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Aircraft Classifieds

Corporate and Private Aircraft for Sale!

Our Aircraft Classifieds list private and corporate aircraft for sale by brokers and individuals. Create and manage your own aircraft classified right from your web browser. The site architecture is designed to provide maximum exposure for your aircraft as well as ease of use. Powerful and flexible search tools, with a rapidly increasing inventory, will keep buyers searching for that perfect aircraft.

The aircraft classifieds are part of GOFIR's aviation internet system but can also be accessed directly by typing www.sellaviation.com in your browser.

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Aircraft Classifieds


The Cockpit, the Cabin, and Social Psychology
By Robert Baron
The Aviation Consulting Group

All airline pilots are required to receive crew resource management (CRM) training, which augments technical flight and ground training with human factors subjects. There has also been an increase in this type of training for flight attendants. CRM training has been shown to be efficacious for both groups when viewed separately. Unfortunately, in real flight operations, there are cognitive and physical factors that cause these disparate groups to work less than efficiently between their groups, particularly when a cohesive environment is critical, such as in an emergency. This paper looks at the factors that influence the separation of these two groups and offers recommendations to address this critical issue.




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Dates to Watch

November 1, 1954. ALGERIA. Revolution Day
Commemorates the revolt by indigenous Algerians in an attempt to gain rights denied to them under French colonial rule.

November 1, 1981. ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA. Independence Day
Independence gained from the UK.

November 3, 1956. HUNGARY. Invasion By Soviet Forces
Soviet armed forces invaded Hungary following Hungarian premier Imre Nagy's proclamation of Hungarian neutrality.

November 4, 1979. IRAN. Seizure Of American Embassy
The American embassy was seized and sixty-three people were taken hostage.

November 4, 1978. IRAN. Student Uprising Against Shah

November 4, 1982. PERU. Mrta Founded
The Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) is a Cuban-inspired Marxist guerrilla organization.

November 5, 2002. AFGHANISTAN. Worker's Day
Anniversary of Worker's Day in Afghanistan

November 6, 2002. Tajikistan. Constitution Day
Tajikistan's Constitution was officially enacted on 6 November 1994.

November 7, 2002. ISRAEL. Balfour Declaration
Anniversary of the declaration which promised a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Demonstrations in the occupied territories and the Gaza area have occurred on this date.

November 7, 1917. Russia. Revolution Day
The Great October Socialist Revolution took place 7-8 November 1917. The anniversary is considered by Communists as their most sacred day.

November 7, 2002. UNITED KINGDOM. 13 Die In Pira Bombing
Thirteen people were killed in the Northern Ireland town of Enniskillen when the Provsional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) detonated a bomb during the town's observance of Remembrance Day.

November 9, 1953. CAMBODIA. Independence Day
France acknowledges the independence of Cambodia without reservations, after years of persistent lobbying (and public posturing) by prince Norodom Sihanouk.

November 9, 2004. Malawi. Campaigning Begins for By-Elections
Campaigning will begin for elections to be held in January on 9 November. Elections will be held in eight constituencies around Malawi to fill vacant parliamentary seats, including two won and forfeited by the current President and Vice President. SOURCE: Lilongwe 981

November 10, 1989. GERMANY. Fall Of The Berlin Wall
A significant event that marked the fall of communism in Germany which later spread to much of Central and Eastern Europe.

Current Dates to Watch

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