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About US was developed to assist the professional flight crew obtain information for the purpose of planning a domestic or international flight. Catering to professional flight crews, the vast majority of our users are professional corporate pilots, airline pilots, dispatchers, flight attendants and aviation department managers. is a complete aviation resource including airport/FBO information, travel warnings, country facts, aviation weather, currency converter, maps/charts, crew reports, aviation news, resume posting and more.

The need arose when obtaining information prior to an international flight was time consuming, requiring many hours searching the internet for quality resources. We have done the research for you, putting together information and collecting data to facilitate your preflight planning. When you enter and use our site you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. Get started by using the left navigation margin and find the links to nine regions of the world. Once you reach your destination you’ll be presented with information for both the city and county including: Aeronautical info, consular and entry requirements, travel warnings, health advisories, country facts, city links, maps and charts, time zones, airport directory, FBO’s, notams, crew reports, aviation weather and more. Other information you’ll find helpful include: Currency converter, aviation news, dates to watch, FAR’s online, aircraft registration database, resume posting service, pilot and flight attendant communities and more.

A powerful and unique feature of our site is the input we get from YOU, called "Crew Reports". "Crew Reports" come directly from our users and gets posted immediately on our site. Some examples of "Crew Reports" are; Safety of flight issues, catering, ground handling, ground transportation, restaurants etc. You are encouraged to post local knowledge that you feel others may benefit from. Giving you the opportunity to post information directly on our site will prove to be a very effective way of getting updated information to our aviation community on a global scale. You'll find this information under "Crew Reports" for each airport. Any contributions you can make in this area are much appreciated.

Here's a partial list of other aviation sites linking to us:

FAA - IBAC - SimuFlite - Aviation Safety Network - Controller - National Pilots Association
National Air Traffic Controllers Association - Airservice Hawaii - Aviation World Services
Aviation Safety Institute - European Regions Airline Association - Crewmembers International
Arab Air Carriers Organization - Pakistani Aviation - Advantage Aviation
Aeroseek - Aircraft Dealers Network - Palm Aviation - Global Air - Premier Travel - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Arrow Recovery Canada -

We have worked hard to put together the finest aviation related tools and information on the Internet. Our site contains more than 2500 pages virtually circling the globe with over 200 cities in 70 countries. We are working diligently to updated and increase our worldwide database beyond the 300 airports already listed. Our visitors use this site from every corner of the globe
(Visitors Geographic Info). We operate an innovative, interactive web-site that you'll want to visit often for our ever changing content.

You comments and suggestions are appreciated and will help develop and improve this site.

Happy Landings.

Bob Sell

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