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August 26, 2002  


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Dates to Watch

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Travel warnings have been issued or updated for the following countries:


Requested Cities

The following cities have been added to Gofir.com:

Los Angeles, California/USA
Yangon, Myanmar
Monterrey, Mexico
Monclova, Mexico
Knoxville, Tennessee/USA
Arlington, Texas/USA
Montgomery, Alabama/USA
Dubai, UAE
Male, Maldives

ALL cities and airports listed on Gofir.com have been requested by our users. Please request your city if it's not listed. Minimum runway length to be listed: 5000Ft. or 1500 meters.

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Handling Services in Africa

Tony - Skyline Travel Bureau Ltd. (Tony-Skyline) is our newest sponsor. An integrated aviation Services Company situated in Lagos, Nigeria provides a wide range of handling services in several countries throughout Africa. Next trip to Africa, give them a call.

Tony-Skyline’s range of services include:

  • Obtaining overflights and landing clearances or permits for all passengers, private and cargo flights on very short notice in Nigeria and other African countries.
  • Arranging full ground handling services for passengers and cargo flights.
  • Arranging supply of jet A1 fuel for passengers and cargo flights at very competitive prices at all airports.
  • Providing ATC flight planning and weather reports.
  • Handling of medical evacuation and ambulance flight.
  • Providing all passengers and crew assistance with transportation, hotel accommodation, immigration, customs and city tours.
  • Providing airlines ticketing and tourism services.
  • Providing 24 hour security arrangements
  • Freight forwarding and clearing of cargo at all airports in Nigeria with door to door delivery service.

Their staff is always on standby for clients’ inquiries and they are pleased to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The main office is located just 1km from Murtala Muhammed Int’l Airport (DNMM), Lagos and operational offices at Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt International airports.

Tony - Skyline Travel Bureau Ltd.



Dates to Watch

SEPTEMBER 12, 2002. SRI LANKA. Talks open in Thailand between representatives of the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers insurgent/terrorist group.
SEPTEMBER 15, 2002. MACEDONIA. Parliamentary elections.
SEPTEMBER 16, 2002. INDIA. The first of four rounds of voting begins in the troubled Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. Thus far, Kashmiri separatist have refused to participate, and polls in previous years have been marked by violence and poor voter turnout.
SEPTEMBER 16, 2002. NEPAL. Maoist insurgents call for a countrywide general strike.
SEPTEMBER 24, 2002. INDIA. Phase two of the state elections in Indian-administered Kashmir.
SEPTEMBER 27, 2002. MOROCCO. Local and parliamentary elections
SEPTEMBER 28, 2002. SOUTH KOREA. Asian Games open in Pusan. The event will last until Oct 14.
SEPTEMBER 28, 2002. UNITED STATES. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank will hold their Annual Meetings in Washington DC. Anti-globalization protests are expected.
SEPTEMBER 29, 2002. FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA. Serbian Presidential Elections.
OCTOBER 01, 2002. INDIA. Phase three of the state elections in Indian-administered Kashmir.
OCTOBER 01, 2002. SOUTH AFRICA. Two-day general strike begins. The strike is being organized by COSATU as a kickoff to its revived anti-privatization campaign. A program of more comprehensive protests will follow the strike.
OCTOBER 05, 2002. BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA. Parliamentary elections.
OCTOBER 06, 2002. BRAZIL. Elections to choose a successor to Pres. Fernando H. Cardoso, who ends his second 4-yr term. Main parties contending are leftist Workers Party (PT) and conservative Liberal Front Party (PFL).
OCTOBER 07, 2002. PAKISTAN. National and provincial elections scheduled. The polls will run until Oct 11.
OCTOBER 08, 2002. INDIA. Final stage of the state elections in Indian-administered Kashmir. A result is expected October 12th.
OCTOBER 20, 2002. ECUADOR. Presidential elections.
OCTOBER 24, 2002. BAHRAIN. Elections for a restored parliament take place. [The parliament has been abolished since 1975].

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